I have a new location to set up as a vendor with great deals on insects, jewelry, and much more. Please see the News tab for important information regarding this exciting new Reptile and Exotic Animal Show!

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 I am a hobby breeder of bearded dragons located here in Southeast Michigan.  I have been involved with bearded dragons for awhile now and will be producing only top quality dragons. My goal is to produce dragons with intense full body colorations specializing in super reds, orange, and hypo pastels. While breeding intense colors into my dragons  is my goal , producing healthy dragons is my number one concern.  My dragons are exposed to UVB rays thru high producing but safe UVB bulbs.  I believe this helps to stimulate the growth of  thick strong bones and  helps beardies to reach their full size and color.  They eat a diet of mixed leafy greens, fruits, crickets, superworms and hornworms with an occasional wax worm as a treat.   Hatchlings are given Parazap  from day one  to keep parasites away.  My dragons are not  "breeding stock" to me... they are my pets and members of my family. On occasion, when I have hatchlings available for adoption, I will post them here along with their adoption fee.

 An important note:

 Breeding dragons takes not just time and care but  can be VERY expensive. Its not something to just jump into. A lot of research goes into deciding which dragon would be appropriate to breed and which dragon is not.  The ONLY time I breed dragons is if I want to keep a baby or two for myself. I will always post here and other places too see if there is an interest by anyone else in adopting one of my babies. Please keep in mind that breeding is really very hard on your female. You have to prep her by offering her extra food, calcium, vitamins and so on. You can also lose your female to complications like egg binding and other conditions. When breeding you can expect your female to lay o1 to 5 clutches as close as 2 weeks apart with 15 to 40 eggs per clutch. Thats really hard on your female and its a LOT of mouths to feed  and work to care for the hatchlings.  If you do decide to breed I recommend not offering babies for adoption till they are 6 to 8 weeks old. They are far more stable then the 2 to 4 week olds I see offerred and you better have lots of homes lined up. If your thinking you can just sell to pet stores and get rich. Forget it. They only pay $5 to MAYBE $15 a baby.

  Having one dragon as a pet isn't too expensive but owning several like I do as a hobbiest is very expensive. I started offering silkworms for sale but when they became unstable I switched to Hornworms. I offer hornworms, home made jewelry, misc driftwood and the like at reptiles shows to help defray the cost of my keeping dragons.. Currently I only sell at The Michigan Reptile Show in Taylor Michigan the second Saturday of every month.

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*Due to the instability of silkworms as of late I have switched to Hornworms!

Worms are sold in self contained cups which includes their food and are aproximately 1/2 inch to 2 inches at the time of sale. These are offered for PICK UP ONLY. Sorry, no shipping is available.

Prices are as follows:

  • 12 count cup hornworms with food  to bring almost all to full size = $10.00
  • 25 count cup TINY hornworms with only a little food = $11.50 (these are for people who need to feed small            hornworms to their pets
  • LARGE ADULT Hornworm = $1.00 each
  • Bag "dry" food when mixed with boiling water that makes 4 cups wet food that hornworms eat - $15


I also offer SUPERWORMS!

  • 100 count cup = $4.00
  • 500 count box = $15.00
  • 1,000 count box = $24.00

I have been selling out quite early as of late so if you want a large quantity or just to make sure your cup of insects are there at the show I recommend that you email me with your request for what you want, your cell number and what time you will be at the show to pick them up. On occasions I will meet people at Great Lakes Crossing mall if you cant make the show, again, please email me with your request.




                                                       SPARKY                         X                                GEM

These are some of the babies from past breedings. All have been adopted out but I have left them up and on my "available" page for your viewing pleasure!

Talon X Jewel


FLAME                          x                     RUBY